A New Year, A New Challenge for YOU!

With 2013 behind us it’s time to look forward to 2014. You’ve probably made resolutions (some of which may have been broken already!) but don’t let that deter your adventurous spirit, perhaps it’s time to make a resolution you can stick to!

The Resolution: A New Experience.

Activity: Trek

Treks are a fantastic way to see the places you never imagined you could!

From the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert to the icecaps and glaciers of Iceland- there really is an experience for everyone. Doitforcharity’s treks are designed to provide participants with an enormous sense of achievement, new friendships and the opportunity to raise serious sponsorship for their charity! With a little training a trek can be within everyone’s capabilities and truly is the experience of a lifetime.

Have a look at our treks here: http://www.doitforcharity.com/trekking.aspx


The Resolution: Get Fit

Activity: A multi-day cycle

Overseas Cycles are increasingly popular with those wanting to push themselves and see the best of Europe! The London to Paris Bike Ride remains a firm favourite with both first time cyclists and experienced peddlers. The 3 Cities cycle ( London, Amsterdam Brussels) is also a popular choice!

Many cyclists are first-time participants and have never done anything like it before! Overseas cycles appeal to those wanting to make a change in their life – whether it be weight loss, to mark an anniversary, or simply to show that you can! Cycles run throughout the year, so whoever you are there is one for you.

And if you fancy something a little tamer – the London to Brighton bike ride is a one-day cycling event suitable for all (with a little training!)

See more here: http://www.charitycyclerides.co.uk/


The Resolution: Do something fun for Charity

Activity:  A Fancy-dress Fun Run

Doitforcharity’s fun runs are some of the largest fancy dress events in the UK! The aim is to take part, not to win.  Participants can walk, jog or run the distances and with a free costume for everyone they make for great photo opportunities too. This year we will see Where’s Wally’s, Superheroes and Santas run through the beautiful parks of London. With a small registration fee and low sponsorship level they are a popular choice for participants of all ages and abilities.

Have a look at our superhero run here :http://www.doitforcharity.com/doitforcharity-super-hero-run-2014.aspx?ad=home1


The Resolution: Do something that scares you

Activity: A Tandem Skydive.

Thrill-seekers this one is for you! After leaping from an aircraft at 10,000 feet you’ll feel that anything is possible. Skydiving is an incredible rush like no other and nine times out of ten first-time skydivers want to go straight back up to the clouds and do it all over again. All you need to do is raise a minimum of £395 for charity to receive the jump for FREE. What more could you want?

More info:http://www.skylineparachuting.co.uk/


 So go on, it’s time to stick to a New Years resolution and raise vital funds for your charity at the same time!

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