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Nothing makes us happier than when one of our participants hits the headlines after completing one of our events, it’s great to see the much deserved recognition that comes along with doing something amazing for charity. One cyclist however has taken this a  step further and written a book detailing his teams’ epic cycle along the infamous Route66!  Kevin Lynch or ‘Kevee’ as he is affectionately known has penned the adventures  in the recently published Route66 Cycle Challenge, Kevee’s Story. 

route 66 group

In 2013 the team of enthusiastic cyclists contacted Skyline and  Doitforcharity to help create the ultimate cycle. The plan was to cycle the breadth of America, from Chicago right across to Los Angeles  in one week..!

The cycle was a huge success, not only did the team complete the incredibly tough challenge but they also managed to raise a staggering £36,000 for Help For Heroes and The Willow Foundation.  

route 66 pair

The friends had previously taken part in our London to Paris and 3 Cities Cycle and quickly got the bug for peddling for charity,  incredibly  the majority had only been cycling for the past 5 years! The team of 8 had all the qualities essential for a charity challenge – determination,  adventurous spirits, positive attitudes and of course an enormous sense of fun. We’d like to say a huge well done to the group for completing the challenge, our events crew loved getting to know the team along the way and wish Kevee all the best for his recently published memoir!

‘The book is not only a bit of a keep sake for me, to document the incredible journey we’ve all been on throughout the last two year; from the initial idea of cycling Route 66, through the fundraising, the ride itself and what that’s meant for us all since we’ve been back but it’s to show what you can achieve if you really put your mind to it. The best part of the whole trip was all getting back in one piece and still talking to each other at the end of it – and of course knowing we’d done all that for two incredible charities.” Kevee

route 66 lay

If you feel inspired to take on a cycling challenge then take a look here, who knows where it might lead….

You can also order a copy of Kevee’s book here if fancy an exciting read! :

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