Exciting News for our World Record Skydive!

In 2012 Skyline & Doitforcharity were lucky enough to set a World Record for the most Tandem Skydives in 24 hours. The following year we managed again to break our own record!  This year looks no different and on 14th June thrill-seeking charity supporters will be taking to the skies to leap from a plane all in the name of a great cause! Last year’s attempt also saw the help  of our celeb friends… MARCUS

If you book a skydive you’ll get to hang out of a plane like this: exit mark wilson Jackie

laugh like this:

jackie skydive boom far

hold up the ‘OK’ sign like thisrebecca skydive

Look INCREDIBLE in the sky like this:


Have a whale of a time like this:

danni jump

and be has happy as this Rosie

All you need to do is raise £395 to receive your jump for free!

So book on today, whether it be taking part in our world record attempt http://www.skylineparachuting.co.uk/tandem-world-record.aspx?ad=sophworldrecord+adentry=true

or choosing another date you fancy, it’s your time to take to the skies for charity! http://www.skylineparachuting.co.uk/home.aspx?ad=sophskydive+adentry=true

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