A Yorkshire adventure for us

Here at Skyline we love to trial potential new events and so last weekend we took to the dales of Yorkshire to test ourselves, (and our wet weather gear!) by completing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.  The UK-wide 3 peaks (which we tackled in 2012!) covers 3 of the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales in 24 hours, our next challenge was to be climbing the 3 highest peaks in Yorkshire in just 12 hours. We set off at 7.00am with full bellies and high spirits safe in the guidance of our trek leader Steve. Hi Steve!

2014-04-05 19.43.07

First we had a quick photo opp in front of our  events vehicle (if you compare the before and after pictures from this the results are quite something….!) here we all are looking fresh.


We then took to the dales to tackle our first Peak – Pen-y-ghent. The Sun was shining for us (unfortunately not to last!) as we set off on our adventure.

2014-04-05 14.34.44

We reached the first peak in pretty good time, and had a quick photo.  Onwards we trekked to our next peak, which was a fair few hours away from the first. The weather had begun to close in on us and we donned our wet weather gear along the way.

y3p 019

A few of us had fun sliding over in the mud on more than one occasion, but this didn’t deter our spirits and we carried on our merry way to the second peak – Whernside.

By now the mist and rain was closing in but that didn’t stop us taking selfies and singing the soundtrack to Grease – much to the amusement of our boss Dominic.


On the way down from the misty Whernside a few of us slid over some more for good measure and were in fact grateful for the rain which washed away much of the mess.  Peak 3 was in our sights and the team was more determined than ever to complete the challenge within the allocated 12 hours.

2014-04-05 08.34.22

Our final peak was the mighty Innglesborough which we began with tired legs, but unwavering determination. This final peak was a toughie for all of us. The singing unfortunately (or fortunately) stopped as we got our heads down and focused on the climb. We followed Steve onwards, climbing up over ridges, and rocky paths until we reached a plateau. Ingglesborough was the mistiest of the mountains and we needed to keep close to keep each other in sight! A few sang a little Kate Bush Wuthering Heights as seemed apt but most continued onwards searching for the illusive final marker.  We reached the final point and had another quick photo before we turned back and began the descent.

2014-04-05 17.02.25

Our singing list was exhausted, as were we but the nearer we came to the end point the further our excitement grew. On the final leg we stopped a few times to refuel, change our socks, a blister plaster here and there, but still we continued determined to complete our trek.  Here’s what a determined trekker looks like:

2014-04-05 17.03.05

We reached the end point just 5 minutes over the 12 hours which we are all very happy about.  We all thoroughly enjoyed our challenge, it was tough at times but a positive attitude, determination and a little training before hand meant that we could ignore the aches and pains and push on when we wanted to stop. Here we all are at the end, (and  Steve’s thumb)

2014-04-05 19.42.54

Challenges like the 3 peaks are fantastic for groups, whether they be strangers, friends or colleagues. Being away from the distraction of the modern world can be an extremely positive experience, with the opportunity to bond and get a bit of ‘you’ time.

If you’d like a to book onto any of our challenges – including the UK-wide 3 peaks then take a look here:


We may also be running the Yorkshire 3 Peaks in the near future so keep your eyes peeled!

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