It’s time to take walking to the next level….

With May being ‘National Walking’ month we thought we’d show you a few of the more extreme ‘walks’ we have to offer. These events aren’t just your average stroll through the English countryside,  these events are TREKS, taking place in incredible countries all across the world!

So you’ve decided it’s time to get your walking boots on, but what’s the best trek for you?

If you want to sleep under the stars and trek the paths walked by ancient Berbers then The Sahara Trek is the one..

pax sahara

Perhaps the desert isn’t your scene and you’re looking for cooler climates to amble through? Iceland is waiting for you!


If you want to visit a beautiful country steeped in tradition and TREK THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA! then the China Trek should be top of your list. Come on, how many people can say they’ve done that…


What about a trek with more than your average incline…? The Kilimanjaro Trek gives you the opportunity to summit one of the world’s highest peaks!

Kilimanjaro Trek (10th Oct) 026

Stunning views of ancient cities more your scene? Look no further than the Petra Trek which includes the unforgettable visit to Little Petra, and a bob around in the Dead Sea


If you’re looking for something closer to home then consider the 3 Peaks and Ben Nevis challenges, they’re a shorter duration than our overseas treks and take place in the UK!


So go on, book your challenge today in celebration of National Walking Month – after all, a trek is just a really long walk…!

for more event info take a look here or here or call the team on 02074245511. We look forward to taking a walk with you!

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