Another World Record for Skyline…(hopefully!)

On Saturday 14th June the skies will be filled with hundreds of charity skydivers!

The fantastic bunch of  thrill-seekers will attempt to break Skyline and Doitforcharity’s own world record set last year for the most Tandem Skydives in 24 hours, whilst  raising funds for incredible causes.

Last year we were lucky enough to share the record breaking moment with a few of our celebrity friends.  Below the Olympian Beth Tweddle, actor Tom Scurr and actress Jazz Franks  fill us in on their World Record Skydiving experience.

world record sk

Above – Jazz Franks, Marcus Collins and Beth Tweddle at the airfield.


above:  Beth doing what Beth does best!

I absolutely loved my skydiving experience with Skyline. I had always wanted to do a skydive but this gave me the push to do it. They were so friendly and really helpful in getting everything set up. I was a little bit nervous beforehand as you would expect but I was also really excited. It was something that I had always wanted to do. If anyone is thinking about skydiving with Skyline, then go for it! It is a great experience and think of the money that could be raised for the charities that really need your help.

Which charity did you choose to support?

I chose to support Alder Hey Children’s Charity. I have been a big supporter of them for a long time and I am also a patron for the charity. They are the UK’s busiest children’s hospital and urgently need to raise £30m to make the new Alder Hey in the Park a truly world-leading place for families across the UK, when it opens next year.

 How does it feel to be part of a record-breaking team?
 It was great to be a part of that world record-breaking team. So many people were facing their fears and so much money was raised for the all-important charities, many of which are close to people’s hearts.
beth skydive s
 Which was your favourite ‘high’ moment of the jump? 
 I loved it once I had got through the clouds and was just slowing coming down. You could see so many sights from up there including Blackpool Tower. It was an amazing experience and not something that you can experience day in day out.


Would you do another skydive?

BETH: Simple answer, yes!
Next we caught up with the lovely Jazz Franks from Hollyoaks:
Tell us a little about your skydiving experience with Skyline 
My skydive is by far the best thing I have done in my life to date, and to raise money and awareness for Beat Bullying whilst doing it was fantastic.
Which charity did you choose to support and why? 
Beat Bullying as I worked closely with them whilst working on a bullying storyline at Hollyoaks.
Were you nervous beforehand? 
Petrified. I never thought i would actually get in the plane.
 Which was your favourite moment of the jump? 
As much as it was the scariest part the initial jump out of the plane was the most incredible. The free fall is a feeling you can’t describe.
Would you do another skydive?
I have one booked for this summer!
Who would you most like to do a tandem skydive jump attached to and why? 
Bradley Cooper for obvious reasons.
Where in the world would be your favourite destination to skydive above? 
You can skydive above the palm in Dubai, that’s definitely on my list of things to do!
Any other comments you’d like to share? 
Thank you for letting me take part, I had a fabulous experience!!!
Finally our pal Tom Scurr from Hollyoaks  filled us in on his skydiving experience.
Tell us a little about your skydiving experience with Skyline
Throwing myself out of a plane at 13 thousand feet must be one of the highlights of my life so far. Skyline make it wonderfully easy to do something extraordinarily fun while supporting a charity you care about.
Which charity did you choose to support and why?
I jumped on behalf of Age UK. I’ve been involve with them for a while now as they’re a fantastic charity. I’m forever blown away by their proactive attitudes and campaigns and by forcing myself upon them now they’ll hopefully have to look after me when I’m older!
Were you nervous beforehand?
Not at all. I was the happiest man for miles around, and above!
How does it feel being part of a World Record Breaking team?
Completely awesome. I knew we’d do it and I love being able to bore everyone I know with the fact.
Which was your favourite moment of the jump?
It has to be hanging out of the plane and the moment I first jumped!It’s almost an unexplainable feeling of euphoria.
Would you do another skydive?
In a heartbeat.
Where in the world would be your favourite destination to skydive above?
In the arctic, at night below the northern lights
Any other comments you’d like to share?
For anyone just considering doing a jump, don’t. Book yourself on one immediately. You won’t regret it!
Best of luck to all of our skydivers and charities for this weekend, we hope the sun shines for you all as you take a leap to break a world record!
And remember, skydiving happens all year round, take a look here  and jump for your charity.
If you’d like more info on our skydives, call the team on 02074245522 or email

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  1. beckyadele says:

    Just done my first skydive with you guys last weekend! AMAZING experience – can’t wait to be back again!

    Ofc, have the obligatory photos and blog post to go with it! x

    1. wooohoo! glad you enjoyed it Becky!

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