Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, which LOVEly challenge is the one for you?…

All of our events and trips mentally and physically challenge our participants where they conquer their fears and gain a real sense of achievement…and even fall in love! We have witnessed some beautiful proposals on our trips and as the weekend of love is now upon us, it’s time to see which trips have caught the love bug!



Finishing this cycle in front of the Eiffel Tower it really is the perfect setting for a romantic gesture to happen. Here is Mark’s story…


You would think I would have been so nervous that night that I would not be able to sleep, but having cycled 270 miles, it was no problem. The final day was easier that the previous three with less hills and lovely weather. Everyone was excited and joyous to be completing the challenge and meeting up with their families. We travelled in a huge convoy for the last 10 miles or so. All together, laughing and joking. We rode down the champs-elysees and could see the Eiffel tower in the distance. 

We reached the finish line and it was impossible not to get a little emotional. Locals as well as tourists were clapping us in, tapping us on the backs and taking pictures. It felt amazing. Seeing Hannah in the crowd, I tried to wave at her, but was so nervous, I almost fell off my bike, so decided to play it cool from there on in.


I don’t remember too much after that. The previous days I had come up with what I was going to say to Hannah before I got on one knee. It was genius! It was perfect! It went right out the window! I think I mumbled something along the lines of ‘love you, marry me?’ 
I got down on one knee, reached into my bag and pulled out the ring (which I had previously removed from the many protective layers). She immediately said yes and started to cry. The group clapped and cheered and champagne was popped. As the od cliché goes, It was the happiest day of my life. 



Fall 10,000 feet from a plane into the arms of a loved one! This exhilarating challenge is such an amazing experience and with an engagement at the end of it – it’s sure to leave you floating on air!


This enchanting cycle has a lot to offer from the remarkable sights of cities to royal palaces and dazzling green paddy fields it really does create a beautiful ambience for love!


The whole area is surrounded by hills and mountains ensuring a spectacular view and at the Dead Sea you will be 400m below sea level making this a truly unique trek,  and asking for your loved one’s hand in marriage will make it extra special!


One of the world’s highest peaks and most diverse surroundings you will ever experience! Trekking through the Jungle through to volcanic craters, you can take your pick of your romantic backdrop!


A popular choice for adventurers! This journey takes place through the Moroccan Atlas Mountains where you can experience stunning views of rugged landscapes and a summit on Day 3, a perfect place for a proposal! To celebrate why not even extend your stay and explore the beautiful surroundings!


A mixture of wild volcanic landscapes scattered with streaming lava fields, waterfalls, bubbling hot springs is an experience you will never forget! Finishing the trek at the Blue Lagoon makes it a wonderful location for proposal!


Standing at 1344 metres above sea level, Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK! With the breathtaking Scottish scenery and romance in the air – it hosts the beautiful surroundings for a proposal!


This exciting challenge takes you through the beautiful English countryside, across the Dutch lowlands and then on to Brussels! If a city break was your engagement idea then why not combine three amazing countries in one with our Three Cities Cycle!


A dramatic landscape that will completely mesmerise you and instil your heart the whole way! A hypnotic atmosphere where love can occur!

If you would like anymore information on any of the above trips and events please contact us on 0207 424 5500

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