Training Tips for Multi Day Cycling Events

Signing up to one of our cycling events is one thing, but training correctly and staying motivated to make sure you get the most out of your cycling adventure is another! Here are our top tips to help you stay on track…

Build your own timetable

Your rate of progression is a personal part of your training and it is essential you build this up slowly at your own rate. It is important to create an achievable training program that fits in to your day to day schedule. It is a good idea to find out whether training in the morning works better for you, or if evenings is more attainable. If you are new to cycling or haven’t cycled in a while build up your distance and endurance slowly!

Practice riding 4 days in a row

Make sure you do 3-4 consecutive days of training at least once or twice before the event (with at least 40 miles on each day). You will have no rest day on your trip so make sure you are mentally and physically prepared for this.


Take advantage of bad weather

If you have planned to go cycling but you look out of the window and see torrential rain – get out in it!! Preparing yourself for bad weather means you will be ready for rain or shine on your cycling challenge.

Diet is almost as important as training

Try cutting out at least one of your vices in your diet as this will put you in good stead for disciplining yourself when it comes to staying focused with your training. It is important to have a balance with your diet. Since you will be cycling a lot more your body will need a lot of good energy and nutrients – it is not an excuse to binge on the naughty indulgences that we should eat in moderation!

Reward yourself

On the flip side – don’t become too strict on yourself by not allowing yourself to recognise when you need to be rewarded! Set your self achievable goals along the way and when you reach them reward yourself!

Go and get a massage or have that glass of wine. 🙂


Cycle 95 miles at least once before your trip

This is a very important part of your training that you should definitely make time for. Not only are you preparing yourself mentally and physically for your event but also allowing your body to feel the difference between 60/70 miles compared to 95 miles plus!


Injuries and Recovery after training

If you injure yourself whilst training, it is vital that you allow yourself time to recover. Don’t try to push through as this can set you back for an even longer period of time with your training. In addition to this, recovery after your training is just as important and you need to make sure you eat correctly and take on the correct supplements post cycle.

Here are links to supplements…

Don’t let cycling become a chore

The most important cycling tip! You need to keep your training programme new and exciting which you can do in a number of ways. Join cycling clubs or grab a cycling buddy, when you have someone or a group to cycle with you can appreciate the social side of exercising. At the same time it is important to complete solo rides too – balance is key! If are dreading the thought of beginning your training and endless excuses begin to creep into your mind– force these thoughts out by remembering the feeling of how you will feel when you finish!! There is nothing quite like that post workout feeling or reaching the finish line with champagne awaiting you to celebrate!

London to Paris

London to Paris R1 Sept 011

If you have any question regarding your cycling challenge you have signed to you can call our overseas team on 020 7424 5511!

If you are not booked onto a multi day cycling event then head over to our website

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