Training For Your Cycle

It’s important to remember that there is no such thing as a training plan to suit everybody but we are going to start with some basic training concepts which you can integrate into your current routine and modify to your preferences.

If you are feeling tired or injured you should NOT push ahead with the training programme. Rest is the most important training you can do and overtraining can lead to serious injuries. If you miss a few days training you will easily be able to pick up the training plan again with no negative benefits.

Cycling challenges are designed for people of all fitness levels, as long as you are prepared to train! You should start training several months before the event and it is very important to organise your time properly.

• Get up an hour earlier and go out for a quick cycle with some stretching in the morning before work.
• If you can cycle to work do so or try and cycle to the station/bus stop.
• Use your lunchtimes to take regular brisk walks or cycle around your work area.
• Find a steep set of stairs and climb them five times around three times per week.
• Swimming, badminton, fast walking or any other sport will help you get prepared.
• Exercise bikes and cross trainers will help you with your training – if you are a member of a gym then utilise the machines. Many parks also have outdoor equipment now!
• On weekends ensure you get onto some hilly areas to experience cycling on different surfaces.
• You should make time to cycle on some consecutive says, an isolated Sunday ride does not have the same effect as two consecutive days. Nothing will prepare you better than actually cycling!

2016-06-17 12_00_30-Cyling training plan2016-06-17 12_01_31-Cyling training plan

2016-06-17 12_01_51-Cyling training plan

Basic Stretches

Basic Stretch

Exercise Circuit

These exercises are designed to strengthen specific muscle groups. The idea of the circuit is to complete each exercise then move onto the next. Once one circuit is complete go round the circuit again up to 5 times. You can also increase repetitions for each exercise from 20 – 50 depending on how strong you are feeling!


Cycling Kit
• Your Bike!
• Gloves
• Shoes
• Socks
• Helmet
• Cycling Shorts
• Sunglasses
• Drinking Bottles
• Garmin

If you are a keen cyclist with a trusted bike then do make sure you get it fully services a few weeks before your trip. If you are buying a new bike then do not leave it until the last minute, you will need about three months to get used to your new bike! Ensure you have a comfortable saddle, good handlebars and worn in cycling shoes!

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