An Icelandic Adventure

The Iceland Trek is one of our most popular challenges, and it’s easy to see why! With beautiful, striking landscapes, walking behind waterfalls, trekking through lava fields, past bubbling hot springs and geysers – a visit to Iceland is one you will never forget.

Skyline’s Helena has just returned from this incredible challenge and she shared her experiences with us…

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Why this challenge?

I have always wanted to visit Iceland, the landscape looks out of this world and I thought what better way to get the true experience of a country than to trek it!

What was it like?

It was one of the most amazing experiences, it wasn’t a walk in the park but I didn’t sign up for an easy challenge. I met some really great people and everyone really bonded on the trip.

What was your toughest moment?

The first day was the toughest; it is the longest day completing around 26km so by the time we got to camp, set up our tents and eaten it wasn’t long before we were all off for a very rewarding sleep!

What was your best moment?

The feeling once we had completed the trek, I couldn’t believe it had all happened in the space of 3 days, we had all been through so much together, from walking across snow fields, volcanic desert, crossing rivers and ended the adventure walking through a beautiful forest, it’s unbelievable the changes you experience in such a short space…


What essentials would you advise packing and what couldn’t you have lived without?

Essentials – Trekking poles; I used them for the entire trip and they saved me on a couple of occasions from having an unwanted dip in the ice cold water when crossing the rivers. Couldn’t live without – Eye masks; it never fully gets dark.

What was the food and accommodation like?

The food was one of the best parts, it was hearty and plentiful, there was always a big breakfast to get us set up for the day and a very delicious dinner each evening, some of the most delicious fish and meat I have ever tasted! We had to set up our own tents every evening and take them down each morning, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting because everyone helped each other out and they were up in no time.

What would be your advice for anyone wanting to take on this challenge?

It can be tough so it is important to train for this trip but it is more than achievable for anyone willing to push themselves!  Just remember any hill you climb or snowfield you cross it is always worth that breathtaking view on the other side.  Guaranteed to be speechless!

If you want to take on this challenge too then head to to join the 2017 trek!

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