Claire’s Adventures…

We caught up with one of our participants, Claire, who has taken part in 5 different challenges with us! We learn all about what she loved, what her toughest moments were and her advice to anyone thinking about taking on a challenge!

How many/which fundraising events have you done so far?

I have taken part in five fundraising events with Skyline Events. My first was a 450ft abseil from Guys & St Thomas  Hospital in London. My second was visiting one of the most amazing places I have ever been on the Peru Trek, Machu Picchu is breathtaking. I opted for a slightly easier option for my third event taking part in the fantastic London Bridge Walk. My fourth was by far the hardest yet but truly stunning, the Iceland Trek and last by by no means least I did a tandem skydive.


What is your motivation behind doing the challenges?

Every challenge I have done in aid of Kidney Research UK. My motivation being the fact I suffered with a rare autoimmune illness called Good Pastures Syndrome, it affects one in a million people. I suffered kidney failure and I was on dialysis for several months. Miraculously, against all the odds, my kidneys regained function and I decided to do what I could to raise money for such an important charity.

Do you have a favourite challenge to date?

I have loved every challenge, all for different reasons.  The skydive was out of this world, I still can’t get over the fact I had no nerves at all, surely that is not natural. It’s an experience you just cannot put into words, I would do it again at the drop of a hat. Peru and Iceland were just spectacular for scenery and experiencing different cultures and for really challenging myself both mentally and physically. It’s hard to choose between these two as they were really quite different. But seeing Machu Picchu was always high on my bucket list so that really was a dream come true, a truly magical place.


What did you love most about that challenge/what were your toughest moments?

The best thing about all challenges is the people you meet, everyone is there for their own reasons and those reasons really bond everyone together as one big family. I have made life long friends and the people make the experience all the more special.

I think the toughest moments for me were physical, more so in Iceland, if I am honest I was far from my fittest and I found that trek a lot more physically demanding than Peru. But the scenery soon takes your mind off of that, it’s truly stunning.


What keeps you going on your tough challenges?!

The people, as I said you become one big family and the support given to one another is phenomenal. Everyone is there for their own personal reasons but ultimately you are all there for the same reason and that comes through with the continued encouragement and support for one another.

Also thinking of the money people have donated and all the good that will come from that money, it’s a real motivator when you feel yourself lagging.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to take on a challenge for the first time?

DO IT!!!! You won’t regret it. Give yourself plenty of time to raise the money, it does take time. Train, although many of the treks rely more on stamina that fitness I did struggle more on with the faster pace of the Iceland trek as I did very little to prepare, whereas Peru I did a lot of training beforehand however it was a very slow paced trek due to the altitude. You do not need half the stuff you are thinking of packing, believe me. Stick to the kit list, you won’t use more. Have fun, make friends and take home life long memories.


Do you think you will do another charity event? Which one?

110%. I have my heart set on Kilimanjaro but I will admit it scares me a lot. That is my ultimate. But China is also high up on the list of next challenges. I hope to do one of these in the next couple of years, when I can be sure I have the time to focus on the fundraising.

If you would like anymore information about our challenges head over to our website or you can call us on 020 7424 5533!

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