How to get back into running after the Winter Break!

Spring is finally upon us! Now the mornings are starting to get brighter and the evenings longer, what better time to get back into running?! If, like most of us, those morning or evening runs that you once did regularly feel like a distant memory and you are now struggling with the thought of getting back into running and need a little guidance then take a read of our top 5 tips which will get you back on track in no time!

  1. Take it slow

Over the cold winter months we give into our temptations and tell ourselves that we need that extra chocolate bar or packet of biscuits, and that it’s far too cold to go for that run! After having a bit of time off, our bodies need to be eased back in and chances are your body will not be in the same shape as before if you were running a fair distance without much of a struggle. It is really important to build your distance up slowly and try not to do too much too fast, this will only lead to injury and delay your progress even more, which in turn could put you off getting back into it completely! Slow and steady 🙂


  1. Make it Fun

If the thought of running again is causing a massive mental block for you to get going, why not make it a social thing and get a buddy to run with. Even if you are both running alongside each other with headphones in and not having a chat, having the support of someone else will make a real difference in keeping you focused. Together you can set yourself weekly goals you would like to reach at a maintainable pace. Joining your local running club can also make running more social and fun as you can meet loads of people and all be a part of team!


  1. Have a good running playlist

Music really is a great motivator to keep yourself going, especially for longer runs. Make sure you are prepared and create playlists for your different distances, if you know there is a particular mile you struggle with, have that upbeat killer song at the ready to spur you on and make you keep on going!

  1. Give yourself a goal

There is no better way to keep focused and on target then giving yourself an end goal. Book yourself onto a run in the next couple months, whether it be a 5K or 10K run or a half marathon. You can really push yourself when there is something to work towards and it will keep you on track too. The feeling you will have after completing your run will make all your training worthwhile!


  1. Listen to your body

You may have enjoyed a few good weeks of training and begin to see improvements in your pace and in duration and then you are suddenly faced with an injury! Listen to your body and rest! It is so easy to ignore pain and get carried away but this may do more damage than good and result in a massive set back. Never underestimate the power of rest – it is an important part of your training!

If you are looking to give yourself a target to ease yourself back into running then why not sign up to our Superhero Run in Regents Park on Sunday 14th May. It is perfect for all abilities and you can choose between the 5K or 10K route! You can find out more over on our website –

Happy Running!

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