The ULTIMATE challenge bucket list…

We all have that personal list of adventures or experiences that we’re desperate to tick off our ‘bucket list’ be it jumping out of a plane, climbing a mountain or finally taking on that marathon you’ve always talked about! Making a list of your goals is the first step to making your bucket list challenge dreams come true, so what are you waiting for?!

We’re here to give you some inspiration with incredible adventures to add to your list and some must-see destinations and must-do activities!


Visit Iceland

Iceland is just one of those awe-inspiring places that you have to see to believe! With steaming lava fields, icecaps, glaciers, waterfalls and geysers, the stunning Icelandic landscape is one you will never forget.

Boasting one of the world’s most unique landscapes, Iceland has beautiful wilderness areas and fascinating wildlife but alongside this beauty comes the indescribable and contradictory weather. The land of fire and ice will bring you snow storms which suddenly clear into the perfect sunny day, lush greenery will make way to icy paths – never underestimate the Icelandic weather! While you might feel as though you’ve gone through all five seasons in five minutes, this is a truly magical place full of charm and adventure.

Experience the magic yourself on our Icelandic Lava Trek!


Trek along the Great Wall of China

To trek along one of the Seven Wonders of the World is an incredible experience and one which will stay with you for a lifetime.

The Wall, at over 2,300 years old, is truly majestic to behold. You will recognise the striking views of the iconic watch towers, which is often what people think of when picturing the Great Wall of China, yet you will also experience dilapidated and rebuilt sections of the Wall, rugged mountain landscapes, picturesque farmer’s tracks and the chance to tackle the 300 steps of Heavens Ladder all the while taking in the rich culture and history China has to offer.

Join us on our Great Wall of China Discovery and experience an unforgettable trek with an opportunity to discover China’s hidden charms, traditions and mythology.

Peru Trel 24th Oct 127

Hike to Machu Picchu

You’ve all seen the photographs of Machu Picchu, but there is nothing quite like experiencing the magic of this UNESCO World Heritage Site in person. Nestled in the middle of a tropical mountain forest standing at 7,973ft above sea level, Machu Picchu is a breathtaking site to behold and the perfect end to an incredible trek.

If you choose to take on this adventure, you will hike through the untouched Lares region of Peru, over high mountain passes with views of the snow-capped Andes, green valleys and tranquil mountain lakes. You will get a glimpse into the life of the local Peruvians and pass llama’s grazing on the lush green landscape before finally visiting the beautiful ruins of Machu Picchu!

Start your journey here!


Explore Angkor Wat

The stunning temple of Angkor Wat is one of the largest religious monuments ever created and one of the most important archaeological sites in South East Asia. You will be struck by the grandeur of this awe-inspiring building, standing at over 200ft.

A visit to the beautiful temple is the reward at the end of our Cycle to Angkor Wat – starting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, cyclists will make their way past royal palaces and dazzling green paddy fields, passing sugar cane plantations and pagodas before taking a boat trip to the famous floating marketing and a visit to Koh Dach Island. You will then witness a sunset over the Western Gate of Angkor Wat and get the chance to explore Siem Reap – it’s a truly magical ride which would certainly be ticking off more than one adventure on your bucket list!

141014.20.Kilimanjaro.Barafu Camp (Large)

Climb to the top of a mountain

To reach the peak of the mountain you’ve just conquered is a feeling which cannot be beaten! Whether you are taking on the 1,345m of Ben Nevis or the 8,848m of Everest – any mountain is a HUGE feat and accomplishment and will be sure to trigger your hiking addiction!

If you are looking for a shorter challenge or don’t want to go too far from home then why not start off local with Snowdon, Ben Nevis or Scafell Pike?! Individually these are challenging treks with breathtaking scenery and will each leave you with a huge sense of achievement. Fancy taking the next level? Try the Three Peaks challenge where you will conquer all three in 24 hours!

These UK treks also work brilliantly as training for a bigger challenge. To take on Kilimanjaro, K2, Everest or Mount Toubkal is any explorer’s dream but these treks require a huge amount of training and resilience and are not to be taken lightly!

One of our favourite mountain treks is the beautiful Morocco Summit Challenge, which is a journey through the High Atlas Mountains where you will tackle the highest peak in North Africa, Mount Toubkal. It’s a demanding hike but is completed over just two days so is the perfect challenge for those training for a bigger adventure or the next step after a UK trek.

We can’t finish off the mountain bucket list without a mention of Kilimanjaro – you will have the amazing opportunity to trek one of the most beautiful parts of Africa, taking on a stunning climb reaching heights of over 5,500m. This hike takes you across diverse terrains from lush jungle to volcanic craters, towards the picturesque snow-capped peaks and the highest point of the Mount Kilimanjaro, the Uhuru Peak. You can join us on the Climb Mount Kilimanjaro trek here.


Visit the lost city of Petra

This Jordanian city was ‘lost’ to the Western world for hundreds of years and is now a UNESCO heritage site and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Nothing prepares you for the beauty of Petra, which really has to be seen to be believed, with temples, tombs and intricate facades carved into the red sandstone. With archaeologists still discovering more about Petra’s past, the city is still shrouded in mystery and is an extraordinary and magical place to visit.

We are currently running bespoke trips to Jordan with the opportunity to trek across the beautiful, dramatic landscapes of the Jordan Rift Valley before taking a trip to Petra, camping under the stars and ending your challenge with a chance to float in the Dead Sea! Get in touch at for more information.


Camp under the stars in the Sahara

Covering most of Northern Africa, the Sahara is the world’s largest dry desert and certainly deserves its place as an ultimate bucket list challenge, being that Sahara means ‘the greatest desert’ in Arabic!

To trek through the Sahara is an unforgettable experience. You will be awoken by stunning sunsets and the stillness of the air before tackling high dunes and steep climbs witnessing mirages as far as the eye can see!

One of the most memorable highlights of taking on a trek in the Sahara is the chance to camp under the stars – with no light pollution and a sky so clear, you’d almost believe you were in space! This is often the part of our Sahara Dunes Trek that our hikers refer to again and again, as it’s such a once in a lifetime experience and will remind you how incredible nature really is.

Another tick on the list is a Sahara sunset! To enjoy delicious Moroccan food around a camp fire with the backdrop of a blazing Saharan sunset, well it can’t be beaten!


Jump from a plane at 10,000ft

Skydiving is the ultimate thrill seeker’s challenge as you will enjoy the exhilarating and unforgettable feeling of flying through the clouds from over 10,000ft at up to 120mph! It really is one of those challenges that we think everyone should do in their lifetime, there is no feeling like those jittery nerves in the plane before you’re strapped to your BPA qualified instructor and are sent soaring through the sky – it’s as close to flying as we’ll ever get!

With options to do the tandem ride (where your BPA instructor does all the work for you so you can enjoy the ride!) or take the next step and jump solo in a Static Line or Accelerated Freefall, you can choose your level and take on this incredible experience – freefalling from 10,00ft is a feeling like no other!

You can read more about the challenge here.


Visit the Grand Canyon

No bucket list would be complete without a mention of the stunning Grand Canyon! At 277 river miles long and up to 18 miles wide, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by its mammoth size but the Grand Canyon is a magnificent and truly beautiful place with some of the most striking scenery in the world.

A labyrinth of red sandstone with sparkling lagoons, thundering waterfalls, wonderful wildlife and hidden streams, a trek to the Canyon will see you camping under the stars, wading across creeks and walking through lush foliage with the chance to experience enchanting, remote areas of the Grand Canyon – it will take your breath away!

We are currently running this mesmerising challenge as a bespoke event, so get in touch at for more information!

For details on any of these challenges you can take a look at our brochure, visit our website or drop us an email at

Happy Exploring!



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