A Trek through the Desert



Our Operations Manager, Hannah, took on the challenge to trek through the Sahara Desert. We have asked her some questions about her experience of this unforgettable adventure..

Why this challenge?

This is such an unique experience to trek through the desert and sleep under the stars – completely out of the ordinary and something you will never forget!

What was it like?  

HOT and sandy! The most surprising thing is that it’s not all sand dunes and we actually trek through some pretty awesome terrain. One day we rounded a corner and found ourselves on a dry river bed that only a few months earlier had been full of water so there was amazingly green bushes and vibrant flowers – after trekking through sand this was incredible and such a surprise!

What was your toughest moment?

Trekking in 30+ degrees is hard when you’re not used to it and there is sometimes little shade so that’s really difficult. Also because you can see so far in the desert you can see the peak of our lunch tents about half an hour before you get there!!


What was your best moment?

Watching the sunset across the desert from the top of a sand dune; sleeping under the stars and seeing shooting star; running down sand dunes (really fun!)

What essentials would you advise packing and what couldn’t you have lived without?

A good pair of sunglasses and a hat! And loads of wet wipes!

What was the food and accommodation like?

The food was amazing – the quality of food they can produce in a tent in the desert is insane! Lots of veg and meat with couscous and ALWAYS a desert! The tents are fine but most people take the opportunity to sleep out under the stars – after a week in the desert the hotel feels like pure luxury and the shower is extremely welcome!


What would be your advice for anyone wanting to take on this challenge?

Do it! You’ll take yourself out of your comfort zone and into an environment you’ve probably never experienced before but it’s definitely worth it and the friends you make along the way as you encourage each other up that next sand dune is incredible! My final piece of advise is do not underestimate the desert – you’ll need to get lots of training in before the trek to make sure you’re as ready as possible for the sand, heat and inclines!

This is a truly stunning trek and one to tick off the bucket list! If you want to learn more about this beautiful Sahara Dunes Trek then head here.

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