Why Trek Iceland?

Iceland is one of the most unique and enchanting places I have ever visited and this trek gives you the chance to explore some spectacular wilderness and lesser-trekked paths filled with lava fields, hot springs, streams and waterfalls! The interchangeable weather will certainly keep you on your toes – you experience all four seasons in three days trekking! To see snow capped hills one moment and lush green landscapes the next only adds to the magic and unpredictability of this stunning country.


Iceland really is as breathtaking and striking as it looks in photographs, in fact I can honestly say that the pictures don’t do it justice! According to Icelandic folklore there are huldufólk (hidden people), elves who are only seen by the privileged few who live out of sight and when you step foot in Iceland, it’s easy to see why almost half of the population believe in their existence – this place makes you believe in magic!

Our trek takes you through the heart of southern Iceland’s thermal area, lava fields, passing steaming vents and snow fields, volcanic lakes and gorges with river crossings over ice-cold streams! You will experience all of the elements with snow falling one minute, bright sunshine and blue skies the next, so always pack for any eventuality as you will be pulling on and taking off layers all day.


If you are thinking about taking on this incredible challenge there here are some tips I recommend for the trip:

– Travel with an open mind – you’re about to spend 5 days with a group of people you probably don’t know and taking on a completely new challenge. Embrace it, support each other and you’ll come back to the UK with firm friends for life having accomplished a huge achievement!

– Pack for all weather – take plenty of light layers and don’t forget your waterproofs!

– Separate your clothes and toiletries into different dry bags, not only will this help make packing much easier but it will also make finding things quicker during your trek! You should only pack what you need in your day bag to keep it as light as possible!

From the moment you sign onto the challenge, to the trip itself, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


You’ll have your own dedicated Event Coordinator in the office who will be on hand to help with anything from providing flight details to discussing fundraising ideas and what to pack. On the challenge itself you’ll be accompanied by an experienced Skyline Leader and UK Doctor as well as our local guides who will work tirelessly to get you safely and happily to the finish line!

We will be trekking through beautiful southern Iceland and ending our trip with a visit to Reykjavik and the Blue Lagoon (an unmissable part of any Icelandic adventure!) However, you can extend your flights and choose to continue your adventure, be it visiting The Golden Circle, whale watching or discovering the black sand beach – to name just a few things Iceland has to offer!


If you want to visit this amazing country whilst taking on an unforgettable challenge then head here to learn more!

Happy Exploring!

Lucie, Skyline’s Marketing & Account Manager.



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