Trek across a Wonder of the World…

In 2007, with thanks to over 100 million people voting, The Great Wall of China became one of the New Seven Wonders of the World – but what makes this structure so awe-inspiring and iconic? Built between the 5th Century B.C and the 16th Century, the Great Wall is approximately 4,000 miles long and is truly one of the most astounding and breathtaking man-made structures you will ever see.

I was lucky enough to take on the Great Wall of China Discovery challenge in 2015 and the trek has stayed with me ever since, it ignited the explorer in me and I think our whole group left feeling as though they had witnessed something completely unforgettable, a once in lifetime experience.


This is the ideal challenge for those with a passion for history and a sense of adventure, this trek will give you the opportunity to discover China’s hidden charms, astounding cultural past, traditions and mythology.

From the picturesque water towers, stunning forestry and delicious traditional Chinese food to picture-perfect views, trekking through rural farmland and visiting the Forbidden City – this trek is filled with culture, history and breathtaking scenery, it has it all! You really do make friends for life on these challenges and the memories I made will stay with me forever.


Here are some top tips for those thinking of taking on this wonderful adventure:

Like any challenge, this trek will take you out of your comfort zone but is sure to be an experience you never forget!

– Travel with an open mind – you’re about to spend 10 days with a group of people you probably don’t know and taking on a completely new challenge. Embrace it, support each other and you’ll come back to the UK with firm friends for life having accomplished a huge achievement!

– Packing a few home comforts will make all the difference, be it biscuits, sweets (for that sugar boost on the Wall!) or some squash to liven up your water.

– Separate your clothes and toiletries into different dry bags, not only will this help make packing much easier but it will also make finding things quicker during your trek! You should only pack what you need in your day bag to keep it as light as possible!


From the moment you sign onto the challenge to the trip itself, we’ll be with you every step of the way. You’ll have your own dedicated Event Coordinator in the office who will be on hand to help with anything from providing flight details to discussing fundraising ideas and what to pack. On the challenge itself you’ll be accompanied by an experienced Skyline Leader and UK Doctor as well as our local guides who will work tirelessly to get you safely and happily along the Great Wall.


Our Great Wall of China Discovery takes us along the Huangyaguan section of the Wall with routes through Jinshanling and Mutianyu before finishing in the bustling city of Beijing. If you want to extend your time in China then you can opt to continue your exploring, be it visiting the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, the Li River in Guilin or the Giant Pandas in Chengdu – to name just a few things China has to offer!

Whilst on the trek I did plenty of filming to try and capture this wonderful adventure – take a look at the video and I hope it inspires you to take on a new challenge today!

If you want to visit an amazing country and tick the Great Wall off your bucket-list then head here!

Happy Exploring!

Lucie, Skyline’s Marketing & Account Manager.

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