Taking on a charity challenge – all you need to know!

SO you want to do something amazing for charity and are looking to take on a new challenge, be it wishing to do something fantastic for a cause close to your heart, setting yourself a personal fitness goal or overcoming a fear, but where do you start?!

You might already have a challenge in mind which you’ve been itching to tick off your bucket-list. If you do, then what’s stopping you from signing up? Whether you are looking to do a skydive, trek, run or cycle, here are some tips to help you overcome your reservations and get you signed up for an unforgettable adventure!

  1. Set yourself realistic goals

If you have never run a mile in your life or have never cycled more than a quick jaunt in your local park, you must be realistic about the challenge you choose and giving yourself plenty of time to train. These events are taken on by participants of all abilities but you should know your own body and give yourself time to build up your confidence and stamina! We have training guides for each of our events which will help you plan your months in the run up to your challenge and get you well on your way to reaching your fitness goal. Never be put off from doing a challenge because you feel as though you’ll be the slowest trekker or the least-confident cyclist, you’ll be mixed in with a group of people with different capabilities and you’ll quickly find a team you feel comfortable with – we never leave a man behind! If you put in the effort to do plenty of training before the event, then you’ll be great!

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  1. Fundraising

If this is your first time doing a charity challenge then reaching a fundraising target can seem very daunting, particularly if it’s an overseas challenge with a high sponsorship level, but trust us, once you get started and have fun doing it – it can be easy!

Here are some ideas to help get those funds in:

  • Host a Come Dine With Me style night and charge each participant. Get a group of friends together and discover who the best dinner party host is!
  • Have a games night and invite friends and family over for an evening of fun, put on a murder mystery or play lots of traditional games and charge £5 per person.
  • Host a pub quiz or bingo night in a local venue and charge people for entry.
  • Dress down/theme days at work are a great way to make the most of holidays and special occasions – have a fancy dress day for Halloween and hold pumpkin carving competitions or a Christmas jumper day in the office!
  • Have a Carboot sale/eBay clear out and dig out those unwanted treasures and old clothes.

Other ideas include: sweepstakes between friends or in the office, a bag pack at your local supermarket, asking your local school to host a non-uniform day, coffee morning or bake off, karaoke night, a charity ball, collection tins in your local shops and pubs or a charity cinema screening – the possibilities are endless! You just need to be creative and willing to put in the effort to hit that target.

If you still feel like you’re a long way off from reaching your goal then you can contact us, and your charity, for other ideas to help.


  1. Overcoming Fears

It can be incredibly daunting to take on a new challenge and do something you’ve never done before, but the positives far outweigh those negatives and you will have a truly amazing time on your challenge if you just take a leap of faith!

Skydiving – so you’re scared of heights but you want to throw yourself out of a plane?! That might sound crazy but trust us, the majority of our participants have this exact same fear! The initial ascent up to the clouds might seem scary, but you will be sharing your plane with our fantastic BPA instructors who will reassure you and make sure you are all set for your jump. You’ll also be accompanied by other skydivers who are in exactly the same boat and feel just like you do! These will be the friendly faces that will help reassure you before you take on your incredible challenge. You’re all in this together!

You will be strapped to your BPA instructor who will do all the hard work for you so all you need to do is enjoy the ride. He will steer the parachute and ensure you have a safe and calm landing. This is one of the closest feelings to flying that you can get and once you’ve overcome that initial ‘butterflies’ moment as you leave the plane, you will soar to the ground in complete bliss.


Trekking – going abroad or on a multi-day UK trek with a group of strangers might be something that’s putting you off signing up to your challenge, but we can honestly say that after the initial meet up, you will all be friends in no time and you’ll feel so at ease with your fellow trekkers! Everyone is in the same situation as you are, the majority of our groups are individuals who have never done anything like this before. You are all doing the challenge with a common interest which is to raise funds for your cause and go on an unforgettable adventure, so embrace it! You will come out of these challenges with friends for life and will have such a fantastic time on your trek together.

If your concern is the walking itself then stop panicking! If you are willing to train then you will be fine. As we’ve mentioned, people of all abilities take on these challenges and you will quickly find a group at your pace. We also always have leaders at both the front and back of the group so you will never be the last one!

Running and Cycling – as with trekking, as long as you follow our guides and do plenty of training before your challenge, you will do brilliantly on the big day! Our fun runs are designed to be purely that – fun! You can go as fast or slow as you like and can run, walk or jog your way around the route, so if you need a break you can take one. Naturally if you are taking on a half marathon or marathon you will need to keep up a nice steady pace and go at the speed you are completely comfortable with. Try not to get swept up in the excitement at the beginning of your run and race off, as you will quickly run of out steam. You know your body and your limits so don’t push yourself, keep up a rhythm you’re comfortable with.

We’d definitely recommend getting lots of time on the saddle before you take on a cycle, but as with the treks we get cyclists of all abilities signing up, so you don’t have to turn into Chris Froome to take on one of these challenges! Follow our training guides and take the ride at your own pace and you’ll be GREAT!


We hope that this guide will inspire you to finally take the plunge and sign up to the challenge you’ve always been dreaming of! If you need some more guidance and a little more inspiration then take a look at our brochure and find that perfect challenge to suit you or give us a call or email on 020 7424 5535 or hello@skylineevents.co.uk.

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