5 Reasons To… Start Running!

For some people their day doesn’t truly begin until they’ve pounded the pavement and had their morning run, but for others the idea of pulling on trainers and getting outside for a jog couldn’t be further away from their idea of a good time! However, running has so many fantastic benefits and you don’t have to be a pro or a fitness fanatic to enjoy it! It’s all about building up your stamina, starting off slow and working your way up. With apps like Couch to 5K you can start with a mix of walking and running to build your strength up slowly so you aren’t jumping straight into the deep end and they are a fantastic way of getting you into a routine. It also gives you a brilliant opportunity to set yourself a goal, like signing up for a fun run or 5K challenge, so you have something to train for and look forward to!


There are plenty of reasons why you should get out there and give running a go but if you need a little convincing then take a look at our 5 reasons to start…

1.You will sleep better!

When you are active your body needs more recovery time and sleep is the perfect answer to this. You use more energy after exercising which makes your body crave bedtime more, making it likely that you will fall into a routine to keep up a high running performance. This in turn means that you will have a better, deeper nights sleep!

2. A great way to relieve stress

A lot of people put exercise off because they feel too stressed and think it would not be a beneficial way to spend their time – wrong! Exercise is one of the best stress busting ways to rid any niggling thoughts. You can literally run away your worries and help clear your mind and become more focused.

3. Run anywhere  

One of the massive draws to running is you can do it anywhere – no gym fees, no booking classes, you can just walk out of your door and go! It’s that simple. You can keep it interesting and try new routes around your local area, you’ll discover beautiful new spots and you can make every run different!

4.  Make it a chance to socialise

Exercising with friends has so many benefits and it can become a real social affair. Joining running clubs and making new friends kills two birds with one stone; exercising and socialising!

5. Boost your confidence

Running is a great way to give your confidence a boost. By setting yourself targets, which may be increasing your distance or picking the pace up, you will begin to feel a real sense of achievement once you start fulfilling your goals.

Have we convinced you?! There is no better way of knowing than getting out there and going for a jog.

Happy running! 🙂




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