Icelandic Lava Trek… Captured!

With its striking mix of wild volcanic landscape dotted with steaming lava fields, icecaps, glaciers, waterfalls and geysers, the stunning Icelandic landscape is one you will never forget.

“Iceland is one of the most unique and enchanting places I have ever visited and this trek gives you the chance to explore some spectacular wilderness and lesser-trekked paths filled with lava fields, hot springs, streams and waterfalls! The interchangeable weather will certainly keep you on your toes – you experience all four seasons in three days trekking! To see snow capped hills one moment and lush green landscapes the next only adds to the magic and unpredictability of this stunning country.”

Take a look at the footage from the 2017 Icelandic Lava Trek – what an adventure!


To learn more about this challenge head here or email

One Comment Add yours

  1. Minoe Kellar says:

    I like your post so much, so informative. I feel like flying there immediately after watching video. Thanks for sharing.

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