5 Reasons to… Trek!

Nothing beats the feeling of going on your first trek, it sounds like a cliche but you really will never be the same after you experience your first incredible trekking challenge! Once you’ve taken on one adventure, there is no way you’ll be able to stop there – speaking from experience, you definitely get an addiction to going on these unforgettable trips.

There are so many benefits to trekking, whether you are taking on a one day UK hike, a moderate multi-day or an ULTIMATE mountain trek – each will challenge you in their own way. If you’re thinking about taking on a trek, or are looking for some motivation to get you back out there and in your walking boots then take a look at our reasons to trek for some inspiration!

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

1. Disconnect from everyday life and take a breather…

Trekking gives you escapism from the hustle and bustle of daily life, you’ll have the chance to get out in the open and, more importantly, away from technology! You can get close to nature and get away from the demands of every day life and it really does help to clear your mind – the stunning views are usually a pretty wonderful distraction too! There are some truly awe-inspiring trekking destinations in the world, you will get to tick off incredible adventures from your bucket-list and witness views you will never forget!


2. Exercise…

When taking on a trekking challenge you will be faced with rugged terrains, there might be mountain climbs, tricky downward slopes, river crossings or steep stairs – you will certainly be pushed to your limits! Once you’ve signed up to your hike it will prove to be a brilliant incentive to get training as you’ll want to feel as comfortable and fit as possible on your trip, so it really is a great way to get fit and work on your levels of physical endurance.

3. Conquering your fears…

No matter how big the mountain or how long the route you are bound to feel nervous before your challenge. Trekking is a fantastic way to conquer fears as you are taken out of your comfort zone, you are not only getting used to a new environment but you’ll be going to back to basics (camping might be involved!) and walking on new terrains. When you complete the trek you’ll feel like you can do anything – you would have been both physically and mentally challenged and have immersed yourself in a different culture and way of life – what an experience!


4. Making friends for life…

You will be grouped with people you’ve never met before, which can certainly feel like a daunting experience! What you have to remember is that everyone is in the same boat and you’re all feeling the same way. Everyone who has completed one of our challenges will always say that they can’t believe how quickly they bonded with the rest of the group, nothing brings you closer together than 7 hours of trekking! Once you have gotten over that initial shyness, you will quickly form close friendships and it’s amazing to be able to chat to people from all walks of life who you never would have met in normal circumstances. You go away from these challenges with friends for life, particularly as you have all shared such an unforgettable experience together.


5. Life experience…

All of the above points come together to form one thing – incredible life experience! On your trip you will get to see a place you’ve never been before (hopefully!) in a unique way (how many people do you know who have trekked along the Great Wall of China or hiked past Dracula’s castle in Transylvania?!) You will have immersed yourself in a different culture, tried new cuisines, met new people and pushed yourself to the limits! We can guarantee that as soon as you get back from one adventure, you’ll be planning your next!

Feeling inspired? Head over to Skyline Overseas and sign up for an unforgettable challenge!

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  1. Emily says:

    Great post, I will defiantly be adding a trek to my trip 🙂

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