Don’t give up…Take something up for Lent!

Lent is here, and the question on everyone’s lips is ‘what are you giving up?!’

But instead of giving up something, how about taking up something instead? For 40 days and 40 nights turn your attention to setting yourself a challenge that you will stick to. Whether it’s ditching the tube and cycling to work, attending your local Park Run on a Saturday, or instead of taking the bus, stretching those legs and walking everywhere – there’s plenty you can do for a more active lifestyle this Lent.

Here are our recommendations as to why you should start taking up something for between now and Easter…

Health Benefits

Not only does exercising lift your mood, increase energy levels and improve your metabolism, it can also make you feel more focused and driven in other aspects in your life. A healthy body really does result in a healthy mind!  If you have not exercised in a while, set yourself small and manageable goals that you can complete daily and see how you feel after the 40 days. The chances are you will not just feel fitter but also a lot more motivated.

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You Might Actually Enjoy It  

…And you won’t know unless you try! The thought of sacrificing half an hour more in bed may sound unbearable, but once you get into a routine of having a little more ‘me’ time in the morning, say, by walking to work – it may be something you begin to cherish. Gathering your thoughts and clearing your head of any worries before the workday starts could have a real effect on you, your mood and how you deal with life stresses.


Make it Social

If doing it on your own scares you then get an exercising buddy! Set a challenge for the pair of you, whether it is attending a local Park Run every weekend or joining a running club. Seeing yourself improve your time each week and smashing those PB’s will be a massive incentive to get yourself out of bed on a Saturday morning. You may even decide you would like to take part in a running event such as our Superhero Run which is coming up in May. (So you have just the right amount of time to start your training!) 😉


Save those pennies

A very obvious attraction, it saves money! No more tube fares, delayed trains and overcrowded carriages, just you on your bike cruising to and from work for FREE. Jumping on your bike or walking to work does not cost a penny and if you think of the amount of money you could save in 40 days, imagine if you kept up this fantastic habit for an entire year – you do the maths!!


Set yourself a challenge this Lent and take up something, you might actually find you really enjoy it! 🙂


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