International Women’s Day 2018

Today we are celebrating all of the remarkable achievements that women past and present have accomplished around the world whilst reminding ourselves just how awesome being a woman is! With challenges and adventures being at the core of Skyline Events, we are recognising in particular the incredible triumphs of female adventurers. For example, Junko Tabei, a Japanese Mountaineer who became the first ever woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest in 1975, Isabella Bird who was the first female to be elected to the Royal Geographical Society who began her travels at the age of 41 returning home aged 72, or Amelia Earhart who was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928, the list goes on! All of these women have made their mark and gone down in history for their successes, shaping our world and encouraging us all to be A M A Z I N G!

We were lucky enough to catch up with some of our own incredible ladies who have either soared the sky from 10,000 feet, pedalled their way from London to Paris on our 4 day cycling challenge, or completed our popular Santa Run in London whilst raising an extremely impressive amount for their chosen charity. Thank you ladies for sharing your moving stories about conquering your fears, pushing yourselves to new limits and absolutely smashing your fundraising targets!! Be prepared to be inspired…

Kerry Martin skydived for Crohn’s and Colitis UK

‘I completed my tandem skydive last August for Crohn’s disease as my boyfriend suffers from this and I wanted to try and help. I’m terrified of flying, and scared of heights, so I thought a skydive would be perfect to raise money. The team on the day were amazing, very reassuring and it was the best feeling I’ve ever experienced. Everyone’s support was very overwhelming and to raise so much money was just amazing.’


Sarah cycled London to Paris for Cystic Fibrosis Trust

‘Cycling from London to Paris is one of the biggest achievements I have ever done and the fact I was doing it for a charity so close to my heart, as my brother suffers with Cystic Fibrosis, made it mean so much more to me.

I was absolutely overwhelmed with the response I received from family, friends and even strangers that supported me and the generosity that was shown in donations.

I would truly recommend the experience to anyone wanting to take on the challenge, but be prepared for the chafing and get yourself some ‘bum butter’ – yep it’s a thing!’


Suzanne skydived for Cystic Fibrosis Trust

‘On 5th March 2017 my best friend Michelle Williams finally received the call for a lung transplant. Unfortunately, the operation did not go ahead and a week later she lost her lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis. Like everyone I was devastated to have lost such an amazing and wonderful person, she was honestly the nicest and most caring person I have had the privilege to meet and I miss her every single day.

I thought about many different ways to fundraise in her name and for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Choosing to skydive was not an easy option for me, but that’s why I chose to do it! I am terrified of heights, even watching videos of people climbing tall buildings turns my legs to jelly.

The team at Skyline Events were very good at settling my fears and making this a truly unique and invigorating experience. Their fundraising page was simple to use and made sure all the money raised was directly transferred to the Trust. Also, a special thanks to Fergie, my tandem partner, he was great fun and really helped me to relax.

I felt that in a way Michelle was with me when I jumped, cheering me on, perhaps even having a private giggle at my expense.’


Sophie ran for The Sepsis Trust 

‘I took part in The London Santa Run in December 2016 to raise as much money as I could for The Sepsis Trust. I gave myself just 4 weeks from signing up, to running!

I found myself a fantastic, motivating, personal trainer from Guildford, who knew exactly how to get me to a level of fitness I never thought was possible. He helped me along the way, and with 4 intense sessions a week (16 in total) I went from literally no exercise to running 10K – I couldn’t quite believe it!

My fiancé became critically unwell in July 2016, from acute Sepsis and acute Pancreatitis. He was in hospital at the time, and yet all the signs were missed, he deteriorated in hours. I wanted to raise as much money as I could for The Sepsis Trust to raise awareness and help stop this happening to more and more people across the country.

It’s played a huge damaging effect on our lives and only now, in February 2018, has my fiancé Jamie had his surgery to correct all of this. It’s been a living nightmare, but I wanted to help others where I could, and the Trust too.

Jamie couldn’t talk much, eat, and certainly couldn’t walk so we helped each other…All his efforts over the years to get me to a gym never seemed to stick so he wasn’t sure I’d do it! I then gave him a challenge, I said, ‘If you can get out of bed everyday and walk a little more around the ward, I will train hard to do this run,’ and in 4 weeks we did it! I was so emotional crossing the finishing line and I hope I made all my friends, family, and The Sepsis Trust happy. I wasn’t giving up, and neither was Jamie!

It was an emotional, yet fantastic experience I will never forget and my medal reminds me of this everyday. I’ve never looked back and I’m still hitting the gym even now!’


Chloe skydived for St Wilfred’s Hospice 

‘When people ask me what the best thing I have ever done in my life is, I instantly say ‘my skydive’ – no question about it (and I’ve done some pretty amazing things). An indescribable feeling, so liberating. If you find yourself questioning it, please don’t! I promise you won’t regret it. It was also so rewarding being able to raise money for a cause so close to my heart whilst having something so fun to look forward to.
My face AFTER the sky dive!!’

image1 (1)

Felicia trekked Iceland for Meningitis Research Foundation 

‘The Iceland Trek is one of the best experiences of my life. The trekking was very hard and the weather conditions were constantly changing, but it was so much fun to do and I met so many lovely people. I think the most challenging thing was taking off your shoes and socks in the cold and crossing freezing rivers. However, the river crossings and the steep mountain climbs were so worth it when you reached the top and looked down into the beautiful valleys and soaked up the most amazing views! I raised over £3,000 for Meningitis Research Foundation.’


Impressive right?! So today, take a moment to remember and acknowledge all of the women around the world who are constantly challenging themselves, seeking new and exciting experiences and wanting to make a difference in any way they can.

Happy International Women’s Day!! 🙂

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